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Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
her desire to spend more time with bailey and with houston. we're all glad she will now be able to cheer from the sidelines at the soccer games. on the other hand, we'll miss seeing them practice their corner kicks on the second floor of the russell building. by the way, if you have ever been with kay on one of her early morning power walks, you know her kids -- you know where her kids get their energy. i'm told kay has worn out multiple members of congress, several staffers and quite a few others on those walks. and it's a fitting metaphor for her career. there are so many talents in the senate that it's easy to forget what remarkable stories many of them have. senator hutchison is without question one of the most impressive. raised in an era where women were a rarity in politics, kay forged her own path, kicking open the door of opportunity wherever she went. in the process, she has come to personify texas independence. which is entirely fitting since one of kay's great, great, great grandfathers signed the texas declaration of independence. kay's many successes in life are a tes
Dec 12, 2012 9:00am EST
to the houston livestock show and rodeo. now, madam president, i grew up in baltimore -- you have been there many times yourself. you know it is a city known for his row houses, not for its rodeos. kay invited me to come into the rodeo in the astrodome. with i showed up, to her surprise -- well, i showed up, to her surprise. i had little boots on, a cowgirl hat and a vest. she put me in a buckboard and deep in the heart of texas we circled the astrodome together. i was in a buckboard. she was in a pall m palomino neo me. at the end of the evening, i was there munching on barbecue, affectionately called buckboard barb, and that's the kind of thing -- and i have the pictures to show it. they're locked up. i don't widely distribute them much but it was a heck of an evening. i say that because, again, out of that comes great friendships that also lead to smoothing the way, not paving -- actually, not smoothing the way -- paving the way, where we put our heads together to solve our national problems, a understand t and toy where we get the best ideas from a variety of approaches. and a
Dec 19, 2012 9:00am EST
thank my husband ray and our two children, bailey and houston -- they're 11 years old now, and so many of my colleagues that i -- that were here when i started bringing my children as babies here have watched them grow up. the senate isn't easy on families. they have sacrificed so i could serve the people of texas, and i'm grateful for their patience and generosity. they have loved coming to the capitol during these times. 11 years for the children and 20 for my husband ray. and i know my children's fondest memory, if i ask them what do i remember most about visits to the capitol, it is playing soccer in the russell building's hallways in the evenings when the coast is clear. and i would not be here today if it were not for my parents who gave me the gifts of strong values, unwaivin unwavering supd the education to be whatever i wanted to be. i must say that my parents were surprised when they saw what i wanted to be. they would have never thought that their daughter, growing up in lamarck, texas, a town of 15,000 good people, would think that she could be a united states senator. we h
Dec 19, 2012 12:00pm EST
leadership in whatever she's doing. it's been wonderful to watch over the years. bailey and houston, as they have grown, to be able to go to baby showers and celebrate and see the pictures and know that on top of all the other accolades today that senator hutchison is a devoted and wonderful mother to two beautiful children. she, as everyone has talked about, is the first and only woman to represent texas in the united states'united states's sl always have that distinction of opening doors and barriers. i know she agrees with me that once the doors open, we want to make sure more women are able to walk through that door as well. and so i want to congratulate her for that you will she has done. -- for all that she has come. we've come together to fight for opportunities for woim around -n around the world, the senate caucus on burma and all the other efforts that she has led, and i'm very supportive of adding her name to the spousal ira law. i think that's a very fitting tribute and i'm very supportive and hopeful that we can get that done as well. and so i just want to congratulate
Dec 10, 2012 8:30am EST
carolina, the metropolitan texas -- >> right. >> -- houston, dallas had been converted politically by people coming from elsewhere. the inner mountain west. so if you halt that, you know, and when you're thinking about latinos as part of a coalition, the key element of that coalition was this mixture of newcomers. latino newcomers and newcomers from other places. particularly if you think to the future of some place like north carolina or georgia, even at congressional district level. so if you halt that, that's one thing. the other question is what -- >> or halt it permanently. >> well, no. we're into a five-year lag. so when does it pick up, how long does it take to get back to the levels of migration that created this political environment which was created 10, 15 years ago? and, you know, by the time this latino electorate gets to voting age, you know, will they start voting early, always a question. >> right. >> right. >> and it varies from one cycle to another. very hard to tell. >> right. >> very difficult to understand what mobilizes people when they're young. >> well, will th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5